Pergola Gazebos Ideas and Designs.


Pergola is the attached portion to the outside of the house. Normally the pergola of 12 x 12 plan is made with about four …

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Amazing Pergola Furniture Ideas To Decorate Outdoor Living Room The use of pergola is quite common now for different purposes. In this blog I …

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There are many uses of pergola but the basic function is to be providing shade. In this blog I am going to discuss about …

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Pergolas are made so that one can have a beautiful look to their house or spend some time outdoors in the shade. If you …

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Pergola 16 x 16 Designs and Ideas to Spend Leisure Time Attached Pergola design with 16 x 16 dimensions can accommodate any big family …


Pergola is basically a garden feature which forms a shaded walkway, sitting area having vertical posts. Additionally it has a sturdy open lattice. Outdoor …

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Pergola is considered a special place in the house because you can sit under it for hours and have a good relaxing time. Some …


Pergola is not easy to make but nothing is impossible in this world so once you have the motivation to do something you can …


Pergola gives a lot of thoughts such as you can spend some time alone under it. You can spend the time with your spouse …


The pergola which are attached to the house designs are made to enjoy the outdoor events or moments. Such as if it is a …

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