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June 2015

Garden Pergola: A Comfortable Seating for Family

Pergola in the garden or in the lawn gives you chance to sit and rest there after a long day work. There you can enjoy with the beauty of nature and have some chat with your family and friends laying on the comfortable coaches or resting…

Various Pergola Roof Ideas Make Homes Fantastic

Pergola is the wooden structure standing in your lawn or garden or the attached pergolas with no covered roof. Mostly, pergolas are made with sparsely wooden sticks leaving space there. Sometimes, these spaces are made in the roof of…

Pergola Over the Pool A Wonderful Choice

It is another unique and different design to make pool pergola over the swimming pool. People, who want to create some uniqueness in their pergola design, they can try this pergola over pool. You can make swimming pool in your desired style…