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Covered Pergola Designs

Beautiful Awnings Patio Pergola Covers

Awning patio pergola covers are in fashion now and people like to make this awning pergola in their house to have shelter against rain and sunshine. Awnings are attached to the house to give protection from the sun light but pergola is…

What Pergola Roof Styles You Can Go For

Pergola is used to enhance the look of a building and also increases the comfort level. Pergola structures are used with roofs and without roofs as per user need and budget. Different roofing styles are used for pergolas that not only…

Covered Pergola Enhances Beauty and Grandeur of Home

It is unique idea to cover the whole empty space in your house with unique and fantastic pergola design. You can make ground under pergola and erect the posts with high and elevated in the center. Fine quality water resistant fabric or…