Covered Pergola Enhances Beauty and Grandeur of Home

It is unique idea to cover the whole empty space in your house with unique and fantastic pergola design. You can make ground under pergola and erect the posts with high and elevated in the center. Fine quality water resistant fabric or plastic sheet is used on its upper side on the roof to stop water pouring down. Under the covered pergola, you can have dinner with your family and friends. On the roof of covered pergola, you can let the plants to creep with the wall to the roof and the hanging vines of green plants give wonderful and natural look. You can use different types of material in designing and preparing the pergola design.

There is another idea of pergola design to make wall on the opposite side of the wall of the house with wooden beams or sticks, which will give the tunnel shape of pergola with fabric on the outer side for the pergola with covers. Under the covered pergola, you do not need to worry during the raining. Covered pergola is wonderful sitting place out of the house close to the nature. Curtains on the side of pergola are another wonderful idea, which you can try in your home. If you use light and bright color of fabric as cover over the roof of pergola, then it will allow light to make the sitting place bright. Huge numbers of options are available with people and they can select the best one to cover empty space available in their homes.

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