What Pergola Roof Styles You Can Go For

Pergola is used to enhance the look of a building and also increases the comfort level. Pergola structures are used with roofs and without roofs as per user need and budget. Different roofing styles are used for pergolas that not only ornate but also provide shelter against extreme weather conditions. Pergolas are very good options for relaxing after a hectic routine to become recreate again. Before selecting a style for pergola one must consider location and weather of area. Harsh weather requires insolated and high roofs a centrally high canopy provides style and shelter.

Latticed roofs are good for areas with moderate climate. Pallet roofs with wooden arcs open at both sides provide a wonderful sitting arrangement in garden. In small areas umbrella style pergola structures are more suitable and also economical. Pergola roofs can be designed in different ways like unidirectional, angled, open trellis or covered with different material. Each style has its own benefits and attractions. Unidirectional roofs can be constructed by placing wooden or metallic beams arranged in one direction only. These beams can be decorated with multiple objects such as lantern, lights, creeping floral vines etc. Removable pergola covers are also in use that can facilitate user in either the ways with cover pergola or an open pergola structure.

These roof covers can be implemented and removed instantly according to the need of situation. These provide excellent protection in rainy and sunny seasons as per user’s requirement. Open lattice roofs are a good option when you need sunshine in a controlled manner.

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