40 Cool Deck And Patio Design Ideas


If you are desiring to add an interesting character to your patio then try to install an attractive deck design in it. You will for sure fall in love with the natural beauty of the wooden material and further adorn it with the use of greenery, and lots of lights. Designing a cool deck idea is not only meant for beauty but also for reshaping your outdoor to look giant and elevated, for a peaceful relaxation and seating in fresh, open environment and much more. These awesome patio and deck designs will attractively increase the aesthetic value of your place and deliver you a sublime space for romantic dinings and get-togethers.

40 Cool Deck And Patio Design Ideas

Have you ever thought of designing your outdoor patio in an inspiring way by choosing such majestic deck design? This deck project is crafted over the terrace, as well as on the second story of the house. It is decorated with the built-in lights, and no doubt have an appealing rustic beauty as shown in the image below.


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outdoor deck designs 1

The close view of the raised garden deck is the part of the image. Here the embellishment is done with the use of integrated LED lights in fencing and stayers. The relaxing furniture set, as well as dining table both, are located to deliver you an amazing outdoor seating environment at your own place.
outdoor deck designs 2


Another patio designing is done here in the image. This place is decorated with various LED lights, a stylish shade over the raised wooden deck, where the delightful construction of the built-in sofas is also made to provide you something exceptional for your seating.

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outdoor deck designs 3

This curved deck design seems elegant at the first sight. This two-level deck is providing a comfortable seating space for beautiful outdoor time. This attached patio is ornamented with a curved sofa structure with having a fire pit in middle. The side greenery and flowers, the arrangement is making it an attractive place for dining.


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This lavishly designed and nice looking patio adornment is made on the patio of the terrace. Where the elevated shade of the roof and modern seating items seems elegant to make a part of your outdoor right now. This deck is designed with the cemented material used in it. The eye-catching side view is giving the place a royal impression.
outdoor deck designs 5

In this image, we are introducing you to an amazing set-out patio idea where the deck is renovated with the wooden material and the built-in marble benches. The use of incorporated lights, a unique fire pit, and side glass railing is turning this place glamorous for your beautiful romantic time spending.
outdoor deck designs 6


Crafting a multi-level hardwood deck over the terrace has become a trend all around the world. The metal railing at the sides of the deck, unique seating items and the breath-taking side view of the valley and mountains is simply delivering this patio an impressive outlook impact.
outdoor deck designs 7

Here has a look at the elegant designing of this garden patio where the addition of this outdoor deck is giving a strong character to the house entrance. The wooden gazebo over the rustic deck will give a feeling of privacy and security at your place so that you can easily enjoy a fresh, open atmosphere there.
outdoor deck designs 8

Designing an elegant hot tub always seems a perfect option for the renovation of the garden patio and of course for the adornment of a wooden deck. This two-level deck plan is refurbished with the modern dining and daybed items, the side planters with the attached built-in bench are giving this place a unique and secluded character.
outdoor deck designs 9

Are you in search of something outstanding that will transform the useless entrance into a luxurious place of your house, then opt the given plan. This stylish patio look is given to this outdoor after the styling of a multi-level wooden deck where the integrated lights, built-in benches, and appealing furniture usage is turning the whole environment to breathe.
outdoor deck designs 10


Here another wonderful patio idea is bringing out for the embellishment of boring outdoors. This raised wooden deck is simply adding character to this garden and entrance of the house. While the further modification is made with the styling of this awesome free-standing pergola plan.

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outdoor deck designs 11

Enhance the beauty and grace of your patio by adorning it with such a fantastic wooden deck creation. This deck plan is supportively offering a great place for your romantic time with your partner. While it is attractively turning this outdoor patio to look a paradise-like place at your home. outdoor deck designs 12


Adding a uniquely shaped deck for the beautification of your patios always appear an attractive element. After the construction of this deck, the seating arrangement will appear relaxing and comfortable for you. Have a look at the shown below image, where the entire patio is surrounded by the leafy and green plants.
outdoor deck designs 13 - 1

Another beautiful deck design is presented here for you. It is simply a dreamland kind of patio adornment that will make the useless outdoor space of your house into an elegant place for a memorable leisure time. This patio is further renovated with the wooden trellises and lot’s of greenery all around the deck.
outdoor deck designs 13

This patio ornamentation is the best addition to your entrance. The artistically shaped out deck with stayers will amazingly create a dreamy and perfect mesmerizing environment on the patio to have a wonderful time there. You can also add a unique fire pit structure at this place to have a feeling of warmth and coziness.
outdoor deck designs 14

Check out the awesome designing of this patio with the manufacturing of this wooden deck with a side wall. This smartly embellished place in the backyard will make you allow to enjoy the bright morning sunshine as well as a romantic, pleasurable space for the relaxation of your mind.



outdoor deck designs 15

Wow, if you are interested in something exceptional, elegant as well as grand, then choose out this renovation deck plan for your patio. This clear lines wooden deck is designed on the terrace of the apartment and beautified with the incorporated lights, planters, and modern furniture setting. outdoor deck designs 16

This attractive outdoor deck is crafted with the use of hardwood. It is also providing a great entrance to this house as shown in the image below. The beautiful arrangement of planters is giving an interesting character to this place. The semi-covered roof area is designed to allow the sunlight to peak in through the gaps.
outdoor deck designs 17

Check out this deck designing that us smartly shaped out with the set of wooden benches. This marble made a patio with lots of modern furniture items and the beautiful side view seems best to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea at this patio deck plan. outdoor deck designs 18


Here this wonderful patio becomes a visual wonderland after the delightful construction of this multi-level wooden deck. The smartly crafted built-in tables, a different arrangement of plants and greenery around the patio looks attractive to have awesome gatherings and get-togethers here.
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