Design Your Garden with Treasures Living Pergola

Pergolas are perfect place to sit in open air with your family or friends and enjoy surrounding area of your garden and outside. Garden treasures living pergola with elevated deck and wooden floor gives beautiful look. Beautiful and stylish furniture can enhance beauty of pergola. Sometimes, pergolas are covered from all three sides and let the front side open. Pergola with concrete pillars on four corners can have classic look. The wooden floor of pergola with mat over it can be made with umbrella over the heads in huge size. Garden treasure living pergola will give natural look if it is made on ground without cemented floor. The cushion over pergola furniture in multi colors gives stunning look of garden. The ceiling of garden treasures living pergola can be made in cone or flat shape and it can be covered with curtain on three sides to add delicacy in its look.

Garden Treasures Living Pergola 1 Garden Treasures Living Pergola 2 Garden Treasures Living Pergola 3 Garden Treasures Living Pergola 4 Garden Treasures Living Pergola