Eat and Dine in Outdoor Backyard Gazebo

Some people love to take their food in their gardens or backyard to eat while enjoying the beauty of nature. Well sometimes it is hard to find any place out in your garden or backyard to sit on except the grass or floor. And if your guests are at home and you decided to eat out in your backyard or garden it will definitely make you feel embarrass. But there are so many ideas to make a beautiful place in your garden where you can sit with your guests or even alone to enjoy your food with beautiful nature. All you need to do is to create a round shape floor with stones gazebos where you can attach seven pillars in heptagonal shape. For making a roof frame you need to fix wooden beams to make a heptagonal cone shape roof frame which you have to attach on the top of the pillars. Now you can cover the gazebo roof frame with thatched palm leaves. Leaving one side empty for your entrance you can make railing of crisscross pattern around other six sides. Now you can hang fabric or crystal curtains on each side with a glass dining table and chairs or stools in the middle of the gazebo. You can also put a dining table in the middle with two long wooden benches on the sides or can made a wooden heptagonal table in the middle with benches attached along with railing. Whatever you want you can place inside your gazebo well for lighting it up you can hang a chandelier in the middle or can hang wall lamps with flower baskets hanging with each pillar.

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