Design Your Entrance Pergola for Colourful Welcome

Entrance or outlook of anything depicts the inner story of that thing or even a person. That’s the reason why decorating home is so much important. But with some creativity you can convert the entrance or walkways into a beautiful and colourful doorways or passages. If pergola is attached to your home it functions as an extension for it. It not only provides you an extra space but also serves a graceful and beautiful transition between outdoors and indoors. There are several ideas with which you can decorate your entrance or walkways. You can decorate it with plants or with some lighting. Both will give a beautiful and attractive look to it. For designing a pergola on the entrance of your hose or walkways you should select whether wood or metal structures. You can make a small pergola at the main entrance or can stretch it from main entrance to door of your house. You can use different lightings for lighting up your pergola like you can hang lamps whether with the roof or you can inset them with the pillars of pergola. You can use chandeliers whether candles or bulb chandeliers to hang on the roof. You can make roof with some beautiful and colourful flower vines or you can also cover the roof with some cloth. You can hang flower basket with each pillar or can put some pots of flowering plants with every pillar to give your guests a beautiful and colourful welcome. These little things will make your guests family or friends impress from you so try them.

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