Rooftop Pergolas, A Creative Bar Ideas

Arranging parties for your family and friends is not a big problem now. If you have big house you can invite you family and friends at your home anytime but problem comes if your house is small and you don’t have that much place to arrange any kind of party in your home. Whereas arranging parties at home is so much cheap in comparison of arranging it outdoor. People with small houses now don’t need to panic as here you can find how one can convert the roof top into a small bar. You can use that small bar whether you are alone at home or with all of your family and friends. For designing a small bar at the rooftop you need to design its structure using a wooden material. You can make a small square pergola by placing some pillars and a roof of bamboo. It will be better to hang crystal curtains on the three sides of the Order Valium Online Cheap pergola leaving one bared for entrance. If you want to decorate the roof you can grow vines on it. For lighting it up you can place some disco lights inside and outside the pergola. You can make a bar counter out of wood and place a glass shelf on it with some stools for people to enjoy drinks inside pergola. You can place pool chairs, rocking chairs or relaxing chairs outside the pergola for your guests to sit on. You can also implement a music system with your bar counter inside the pergola. For storing your bottles of beers, cocktails or wines you can put a small refrigerator in it. Whether you are sitting alone in it or with some of your family friends you can make the moment unforgettable by making this creative bar on the rooftop.

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