Aluminum Pergola Gazebo Ideas


From the very beginning man has made efforts to decor his dwellings. In this account different material and design expertise are used. Pergolas An Gazebos are in use for long time, traditionally pergola is made from wood but advancement has made the way for new materials being used in construction of pergola designs. Aluminum is a durable medium for decorating your home and is also light weight. Aluminium pergola designs are now considered trendy, affordable and best for furnishing your home appearance. Aluminum pergola attached to garage enhances the appearance of garage. Addition of glass and other decorative materials make it marvelous.

Different designs and styles are available in aluminum pergola kits that you can easily adjust at your location. You can customize your own design using aluminum. Different colours can be implemented that matches colour scheme of your home. Aluminum can enhance your pergola design attachment to your garage, garden, backyard or terrace in its natural shining appearance. Here is a short list of pros and cons of aluminum pergola attached to your home.


  • Aluminum has many benefits like durability, maintenance free and keeps you free of painting and many other issues.
  • It has great resistance against weathering affects.
  • Customized kits are available.
  • Installation of pergola through kit is low cost process.


  • Due to its smooth and plain surface it displays artificial looks as compare to wood.
  • It has fewer options in size and design.
  • Aluminum charge you more cost than wood.

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