Gazebo Decoration Ideas In the home design of the gazebo style, you can select the ancient type pergola style gazebo. In this style of gazebo, you can have the mounted peak of the gazebo, which can give wonderful and different styles in your home. As this style of gazebo is made in ancient style, so furniture of old style will look good and elegant. In the elegant gazebo style, with border and railing on the ground and to the roof of the gazebo will be looked good with new style of chairs and tables. If you want to make simple iron bar style of gazebo, then it can be made good with twigs of green plants and trailing coming down from the gazebo roof.
In these gazebo styles, electric lights in different shades or in one color will make it luminous. When you make the railing on all side of the gazebo then you can make sitting place attached with the railing in round shape, which is the good replacement of gazebo furniture. You can also opt ancient style of gazebo by erecting the raw wood or simple log of woods as posts on its all sides and make the DIY chairs under it, which will complete the ancient look of your gazebo. The rough use of stone outside the gazebo, will give natural touch to the house. The cone shape of gazebo will give interesting and charming of gazebo and you can try it in the corner of your lawn or garden.

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