Make a Stunning Garden Pergola by Your Own

When you make up your mind to make different style of pergola, then you should keep in mind some steps, which are necessary for the preparation of an elegant pergola. You should make its structure on the papers, so that you can have its nook and corner. Then start digging the ground to fix the posts in it. Then you should start pergola design by making the concrete footings and erect the posts at the perfect intervals. You should also know what sort of tools and materials are used in making garden pergola of your choice. You can use cedar and redwood in the wood pergola, which has enough resist against decay. If you want to be protected from termite or pest, then mahogany is best and also treats it with marine oil. Then start installing posts on the corners and give them support with beams on their tops. You can use jigsaw to make designs on the edges and make the decorative feature to make them stunning look for your garden. To make it more durable, you can use the galvanized carriage bolts to give support to the beams and posts. Then you should add the cross beams with it after notching them with jigsaw. They will give the perpendicular support to the beams, then you can add the notched beams in the opposite direction to make the structure on the roof leaving equal space between them. After making the complete structure, you can add accessories with them and paint the wood or stain. You can seal it and apply the waterproofing sealant.

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