Gorgeous Outdoor Design Ideas with Gazebo


We should be grateful to the person who designed and introduced the first gazebo. They give us shelter from all type of bad weather in public parks and other public places. Gazebo trends have changed a lot with the modernism in the world. They have come to homes as well. Gazebos’ house version is so beautiful and all time favorite option. Everyone who has space and can afford it considers it as a first choice. Here we have a wide range of gazebos ideas for house in the list given below. You can select the one that is suitable to your lawn and can work for you.

Gorgeous Outdoor Design Ideas with Gazebo

Gazebo trend is reaching the peak day by day. In fact it is a very vogue and stylish addition to the house. The given image is of a gazebo that is not only able to protect your kitchen but also to give attractiveness to that leisure part of your house.


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Gazebo at pool side is the brilliant idea. If you have a pool in your house and you are looking for best gazebo designs near to your pool then don’t think more about it and just adopt the following design for your best pick. It is showing the full guide for the styling and decorating your pool side gazebo.

Pergola Shade Ideas Over the Pool


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Fill your heart with real happiness by adding this beauty to your house empty space. This gazebo design is not only giving space to sit but also to enjoy your meal and get entertained by your favorite TV shows. Here is the hanging lights idea to prominent the beautiful area.

gazebo design ideas 2

Look at the lovely view of the following gazebo and the path leading to that gazebo. The gazebo under roof is crafted perfectly and beautifully. There are two media sources to entertain your friends and family at dining as well as sitting area. Surrounding plants beds are enhancing the loftiness of the whole setup.


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The following jazzed up beauty is not only for your house but also can be installed in hotels to give luxurious look. You can make bar and grill arrangements under this gazebo to amuse your guests with fun. I really like the following gazebo design that is looking like a handcrafted one.

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Umbrella style gazebos are the trendiest ones. The gazebo idea shown below is the one that is attached to the house so it doesn’t need so much space to cover. Hangings with the poles are giving royal look to the whole gazebo design. It is a perfectly installed to have a thick and all time shade to the sitting area.


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What an idea to have a drink after getting wet in the pool. Your family is going to love this idea. Fire up your excitement and grab the following gazebo design to give charismatic look to your yard. The roof top of this gazebo is really stylish and sturdy enough to give firmness.

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You see this gazebo design mostly in the public parks. Look how beautifully it came fit to a house outdoor space. The colorful furniture is picking it up to the uniqueness. The roots styled string lights are looking amazing on the roof top of this gazebo. The surrounding greenery is nailing the beauty on it.


Different Styles of Pergolas

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This is my favorite one gazebo design. It has two sided door steps. One is leading to the house and the other goes directly to the pool. The gazebo design is really stylish and different from traditional ones. The front little water fountain is raising the beauty of the gazebo.

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Gazebo over pool is always a great attraction to the eyes. This hut style gazebo is looking like floating over the water that makes it so beautiful. You can have your important stuff to keep in that place or you can just make sitting arrangements near to your pool. It really sounds attractive to your kids.

gazebo design ideas 9

Can you imagine that much beautifully designed gazebo? It is going to cover a wide space from your big yard efficiently. The unique design of the gazebo slant roof is looking voguish and catchy. The decking is really main enhancement in the whole setup idea. As usual the main attraction source is at the surrounding and that is green trees.

gazebo design ideas 10


Umbrella shaped gazebos and umbrella sheds are a perfect combination in patio gazebo designs. These styles are mostly use at the hill stations to decorate a turn or corner in the shape of terrace. The following gazebo style is giving the space to sit and have a nice meal with your family and the loved ones.

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If you have some place like the following one then sometimes it is little tricky to decorate or organize. You can take few more steps to get to this beautiful place. This uniquely designed gazebo idea that is looking like a wild hut from rooftop is perfect for some selfie. I really like the path approaching this gazebo; ornamented by plants in slant way. Enjoy the fresh cool breeze touching you on this beautiful spot.


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Look at this glorious and grandeur piece of art. Designed like a stable from the top and styled like a royal beauty. Hanging lights are jazzing up the charisma. The wide space is giving a happy effect to the minds of sighters. Fire place is designed beautifully and lightened perfectly.

gazebo design ideas 13

Gazebo attached to the pergola always a flawless charm. The following gazebo design with umbrella shape is giving thick shaded space to a well arranged bar styled kitchen and the pergola decorated by string lights is installed over dining. The back view is bestowing real prettiness to the whole place.

gazebo design ideas 14


If you have a wider space and you have a full green lawn then you can pick this gazebo design for your best opt-able piece of art. The leading path to this sturdy looking gazebo is embellished by an attractive pergola and the gazebo has all equipments to get entertained.

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The side view of this gazebo is outstanding. You can see the main entrance at the right side that is guarded by two giant pots that are making this whole gazebo look furnished and beautiful. The decking under this attractive curvy gazebo is enhancing and mounting the whole patio place.

gazebo design ideas 16


The following gazebo is a beautiful addition if you choose it for your wide ranged outdoor area to sit alone and feel the real happiness coming from the nature. I like the pillars made up of unique stone bricks and the floor design is inflating the whole area under this beautiful slant gazebo design.

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