Lakeside / Riverside Pergola Deck To Enjoy Fresh Air

People living at the lakeside or riverside are so much lucky as they have fresh air around them which make their mind fresh and make them healthy. There is some awesome idea to make their house perfect with a lakeside/riverside pergola deck. As you can use that as a living room, dining room, or for parties and events and for sitting by lake to make you feel relax and comfortable after doing so much work or even you can build a small office there. To design a lakeside/riverside pergola deck first you need to construct a deck at the side of your lake or rover. You can build it as high as you want and it will be good if you choose stone floor to make a deck. After completing your deck you can start making pergola with wooden material. For the roof you can either place some woods in criss cross manner or you can make it by some colourful concrete tiles to give it a look of Chinese pergola.

It will be good if you place wooden or glass railing around the pergola. Now it’s up to you either you grow some vines at the roof or place plant them in a manner that they cover the wooden railing of your pergola. You can also place pots of some flowering plants along with the railing. You can hang chandelier in the middle of pergola or can put some lamps with each pillar. After the lakeside/riverside pergola deck is completed you can use it as whatever you want. So just enjoy the fresh air around you.

Have a look some ideas for lakeside pergolas:

Riverside Pergola Deck 1 Riverside Pergola Deck 2 Riverside Pergola Deck 3 Riverside Pergola Deck 4 Riverside Pergola Deck 5 Riverside Pergola Deck 6 Riverside Pergola Deck 7 Riverside Pergola Deck