What is Hip Roof Pergola?

Pergola roofing is an important factor in pergola construction. Roofing styles are selected according to the location and geographical location to make it more effective and durable. It also includes the aesthetic sense of creator. Hip roof style has slopes in all four directions having a high center point. Hip roofs are constructed in different shapes such as square, rectangle, triangle or circle. Hip roofs have gentle slopes. Hip roofs are difficult to construct because it need to develop a complex infrastructure of wooden or metallic beams or rafters. These roofs can be covered with screens, metal sheets or fiberglass sheets for making pergola more secure. Hip roof architecture can be decorated with tiles to enhance the beauty of roof. These roofs can be covered with flowery plants instead of solid sheets. This increases the beauty of pergola. These can be made in hexagonal style for small pergola structure in your garden.

Hip Roof Pergola 1 Hip Roof Pergola 2 Hip Roof Pergola 3 Hip Roof Pergola 4 Hip Roof Pergola 5 Hip Roof Pergola