Gazebo And its Structure

A gazebo is basically a pavilion structure usually having a turret shape and is built in a park or in a garden. It can also be built on a large public area. The basic function of a gazebo is to provide shade and shelter. They are also responsible for ornamental features in a landscape. They are also used as a resting place. The gazebo which is also called canopy usually has a solid roof. The walls could be partial or full. The material that is used varies depending upon the place where it is being built. The gazebos are of variety of shapes such as square, rectangular, hexagonal and octagonal. The rectangle could be having 8 sides and a Decagon having 10 sides and even Dodecagon having 12 sides. Few of the gazebos are tailored that are used for specific purposes such as for a hot tub or even as a screened in area. The materials that are typically used for making gazebos are wood, vinyl and Aluminum. This is for sure that you can always customize according to you own choice and settings.

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Another interesting thing is that gazebos are not very popular. If you want to enjoy outside but want to save yourself from heat and rain then the gazebos are the best options available. Moreover, if you want to have protection from crawling insects you can also use screened gazebo. The gazebos are usually found in all shapes, materials, cost, sizes and designs and you can also customize the way you want.