16 x 16 Pergola Designs and Ideas


Pergola 16 x 16 Designs and Ideas to Spend Leisure Time

Attached Pergola design with 16 x 16 dimensions can accommodate any big family in leisure time. This attached pergola design can be suitable for big house and more furniture can be housed. Pergolas attached houses can be prepared with more than four pillars to give support in the middle of the wooden logs. Some of the times, few woods are added as the roof of the attached gazebo to give the unique look to the house. If there is big swimming pool in the house, then house front pergolas 16 x 16 are the best options for the people to sit after finishing their swimming and enjoy in the evening or in the rainy day.

The flowery plants or the green plants can be grown around the attached gazebo and the layers of the plants can be grown with the walls or on the roof of the gazebo. If the attached gazebo sized 16 x 16 is closed from all sides except from the front side, then you can place good quality furniture there and take tea or coffee with your family and friend in the evening or in the spare time.

In some pergola designs, house front pergolas are covered on opposite sides and let the front and back side open or cover the two adjacent sides. With the round cone shape of the roof, the attached pergola will give the wonderful look and can be felt as masterpiece in your home. You should place furniture according to the design of pergola, which can be prevented during the sunny or rainy day.

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