Pergola Flooring Ideas


Pergola is basically a garden feature which forms a shaded walkway, sitting area having vertical posts. Additionally it has a sturdy open lattice. Outdoor pergola is basically a type of gazebo which serves as protection for an open terrace or a link between pavilions.

This has been practice since old time but with the passage of time we can see that pergola ideas for flooring have been flourished. The imaginary thoughts on use of pergola have been put into practicality. The artificially created pergola looks so well with the naturalistic gardening styles of the modern times. Commonly used design materials are wood, vinyl, cellular PVC, aluminum and fiberglass. The popularity of these items and materials has increased. These pergola outdoor flooring is now covered with many different kind of flowers and artificial items to make them look more beautiful and attractive.

Regarding the outdoor Pergola flooring ideas, one of the best is to use Bougainvillea for decorating the pergolas. They are absolutely very beautiful color flowers that you can use to decorate the outdoor pergolas. The vine species which normally grow from 1 to 12 m can be used for decorating the pergolas whether they are outside your house or making a passage way in a garden.

Like green tunnels you can also cover your outdoor pergola with green leaves that grow permanently. You can also use some very bright colors to paint your pergolas as it will enhance the look as well as the will make it resistant to harsh weather conditions.

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