Astounding Design Ideas for Patio Pergola Decks


An astounding patio roof, commonly known as pergola provides shelter from sun, wind, and rain. A well-built pergola deck plan amazingly extends the home’s living space, increases the beauty of outdoor patio and also make you able to experience a wonderful dining and relaxing time. Here is smartly going to offer you some exceptional patio renovation plans that are comprised of the wooden pergola, deck designing, white pergola deck projects and custom deck plans with unique pergola ideas. Have a look at these fabulous DIY pergola decking plans and choose the best one that suits your patio.

Astounding Design Ideas for Patio Pergola Decks

This astonishing wooden pergola deck design seems perfect over the raised hardwood deck area. It is magnificent and amazing in its outlook effects. The designing of the patio is exceptional and appealing. The entire area is covered with the wooden material in the form of pergola, deck, and stayers.
patio pergola deck designs 0


This patio designing is done with an attractive pergola deck idea. This pergola deck plan has the wild and rustic appearance. It looks elegant with the construction of wooden fencing over the clear lines deck. The idea of adding a swing bed under the pergola always looks stunning to relax on.
patio pergola deck designs 1

Here we have custom designing of the free-standing pergola that seems great over the two-level deck area. This semi-covered pergola deck project is maintaining the feeling of security and privacy on the patio. Its unique styling is also transforming the ordinary appearance of the place.

Different Styles of Pergolas



patio pergola deck designs 2

Designing an awesome pergola deck plan with a view always displays a positive impact on the viewer. This pergola plan is installed over the balcony of the apartment in the form of roof extension. The use of integrated lights is giving this project an impressive impression.
patio pergola deck designs 3

An attractive yet simple designing of the patio is made for your house adornment. This pergola deck plan is created with the use of the rustic wooden material. The built-in benches, wooden fencing with a wooden decking at the garden looks appealing to have a memorable time at the place. patio pergola deck designs 4

Now enjoy your every single day at the wonderful place of your house. This wooden pergola deck is partially attached to the house structure meant to provide you a shade for comfortable seating. This plan is comprised of different beauty elements such as swimming pool at the side, wooden fencing for a sense of security, built-in benches and the fascinating use of planters.


Decorate Your Patios with Stunning Pergola Designs

patio pergola deck designs 5

An arched pergola deck idea is the part of the image shown below. The custom designing of this patio is made to provide you an exceptional relaxing place at your own house. This pergola deck design is elegant and intricate. And the place seems perfect to spend some quality time there. patio pergola deck designs 6 - 2

If you are looking for the renovation of your small patio with a fabulous pergola deck designing then, opt. the given design right now. This pergola deck project is styled especially to change the small look of your place to an elevated and large patio area. It features a multi-level deck, with a wooden pergola having fiberglass roof.patio pergola deck designs 6


Sometime pergola deck plan is only installed for the transformation ordinary looking outdoor patios. This curved pergola deck is also designed for the same purpose. The unique arrangement of the deck with rustic wood and pergola over the built-in benches appear great for the wonderful dining experience.patio pergola deck designs 7

Check out the appealing beauty of this pergola deck plan that is set out for the embellishment of your entrance. This patio decoration plan amazingly features an elegant designing of the white pergola with the beautiful fencing on sides have a multi-level deck with the integrated lights in it. This place will give a royal look at nights.

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A breath-taking setting of the patio is brought closer to you with the arrangement of this clear line deck having a wooden pergola grounded in the deck and the house wall. The place looks charming with the adjustment of trellises and vertical plants on them as shown in the image.
patio pergola deck designs 9

Bring out the natural beauty closer to you, in the form of this patio embellishment. This pergola deck styling is wonderfully created with the mixing of classic and modern designing uses at one place. The wooden pergola is grounded in the deck enhancement and the deck is made of hard stone. We are quite sure that you will love to spend your time here.
patio pergola deck designs 10

Let’s install this marvelous white pergola deck plan to your patio to spend your leisure time in the fresh, open environment. This semi-covered pergola is crafted with the use of steel slices of various sizes. While the deck is created with the construction of stayers in it. The unique color combination is giving a clean and tidy appearance to this patio.
patio pergola deck designs 11


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patio pergola deck designs 12

If you are looking for a unique pergola deck plan for the beautification of you balconies then this project is artistically finished out just for you. This patio idea will make you able to experience a comfortable relaxing and dining pleasure at an amazing deck designing of your dream home. patio pergola deck designs 13

Here we have another thought-provoking canopy pergola deck idea that is smartly installed at the entrance of the house. This is simply a small yet innovative patio embellishment idea which can dramatically reshape the useless outdoor into a beautiful seating place. The delightful setting of the deck with a pergola looks eye-catching.
patio pergola deck designs 14

This lavishly beautified pergola deck project is brought up for the ornamentation as well as to bring an extension to your house area. This plan will attractively increase the space of your outdoor with the construction of this cedar wood deck having a semi-covered pergola on top. patio pergola deck designs 15


If you are looking for a perfect pergola deck plan that provides pleasure to your aesthetic senses and gives you a feel of privacy while sitting in an open place, then this project is best one for you. The white pergola deck idea is created with elegance to meet your beautification needs with one plan.
patio pergola deck designs 16

This square shaped free standing pergola deck plan is created to provide you a perfect and balanced combination of shade and light on your patio. The place is renovated with the arrangement of unique dining set and you can also place a fire pit on the patio to enjoy the bonfire at cool nights.
patio pergola deck designs 17


patio pergola deck designs 18


patio pergola deck designs 19



patio pergola deck designs 21


patio pergola deck designs 22


patio pergola deck designs 23


patio pergola deck designs 24



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