Inspiring Modern Deck Design Ideas for Outdoors


Inspiring modern deck designing for the ornamentation of outdoors, rooftops, balconies and other places have become the popular trend of modern houses. There are different materials which we can use for the designing of a stunning outdoor deck, But wooden made decks are the ideal choice for the house makers. So most of the modern deck plans are design with the synthetic wood, softwood, pressure-treated lumber and tropical hardwood. Modern deck patterns are also different from each other. So here in this post, you will find countless outdoor deck plans for the adornment of your places that are simply attractive and best to retransform your outdoor in an appealing manner.

Inspiring Modern Deck Design Ideas for Outdoors

This attractive, modern deck is designed with the hard cedar wood. It is also comprised of a built-in wooden bench with a large wooden headboard that also has incorporated yellow lights in it. The beautiful construction of fire pit and plants at the side of the seating area is developed to provide you a cool and cozy feel in your outdoor.
Modern Deck Ideas 1


Wow, here we have a thought-provoking modern decking idea for the renovation of your outdoors.  A modern deck designing with the hard wooden material always makes the magnificent backdrop for the roof decking. This place is further decorated with the climbing grass on pillars and also with lots of plants raised beds. Modern Deck Ideas 2

A modern deck seems perfect when you have installed a hot tub or spa on it. This stylish, low-level wooden deck with white color touch in the entire surrounding, letting the whole atmosphere of the veranda to appear breathe-taking as shown out in the image below.
Modern Deck Ideas 3

A modern deck made of rustic wood with lot’s of wooden furniture setting always appears eye-catching and giving a feel of natural beauty. This rustic deck plan with stayers and entire kitchen setting on a side with a trees view on back in making this plan to make a part of your outdoor right now. Modern Deck Ideas 4


This modern decking idea is done for the outdoors of offices and public places. Here the unique seating items, a different type of plants and seagrass on the stylish wooden table is simply adding a charm to this place. The placement of tree wood as a seating bench is turning this plan an extraordinary deck design. Modern Deck Ideas 5

Are you fond of openness, and love to enjoy to cup of tea or coffee with your beloved partner in your outdoor, then this modern decking plan will provide your every single moment memorable for you. This unique deck design with a fireplace making this simple outdoor environment an attractive one. Modern Deck Ideas 6

This time, we have created something unique and much different for you the remodeling of your entrance and outdoor area. This plain deck structure with different kinds of planters and dining furniture set provides a perfect combination of shade, sunlight, modernism and natural beauty together.Modern Deck Ideas 7

The use of hardwood decking to create a proper walkaway on the sides of beautiful seating place always appears the best idea. The modern wood decking really provides a bold statement as shown in the image below. This is an exceptional rooftop deck design with a view.


Modern Deck Ideas 8

Here we have a multi-directional decking design for your place. The natural wood decking on the building terrace area with lots of unique elements creates a beautiful transition and appealing as well as attractive atmosphere to enjoy the weather.Modern Deck Ideas 9

A perfect deck design is needed when the visitors like to enjoy the natural side view. This modern deck design is simply making it possible for you by providing you a clean and minimalist surface that blends in amazingly with the surrounded natural beauty to attract your guests toward this fascinating creation.
Modern Deck Ideas 10

This is another delightful project of modern decking design for your outdoors beautification and also for rooftop renovations. The black and white color combination of the plan with some simple furniture pieces and planting pots seems wonderful to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere while maintaining your privacy.


Modern Deck Ideas 11

This modern outdoor decking idea with a forest view on the side is meant to provide you a luxurious space for your enjoying with your family and friends. The beautiful natural wood decking with the combination of some light and dark furniture items seems perfects as shown in the image below.

Modern Deck Ideas 12

If you are looking for a simple yet unique decking plan for to make your outdoor beautiful enough for your pleasurable seating and gatherings then this modern deck with clear lines will make you able to enjoy the scenery. The transition from house to the deck is smooth and subtle.
Modern Deck Ideas 13


This stunning wooden made modern deck designing is little high from the ground. This design is specially presented to make you able to enjoy your outdoor seating by balancing your landscape area. The built-in benches are giving a view that a deck is risen up.
Modern Deck Ideas 14

This step-down modern decking design with brick wall and lots of fresh plants give this outdoor a feel of peace and privacy. The built-in benches are simply making this wooden deck design an extra-dimensional. This is a complete blend of modern and natural beauty. Modern Deck Ideas 15

Here the modern cemented deck plan is renovated with the semi-covered pergola structure. This deck designing has been done on the roof of the building. This rooftop garden with a floor level cemented deck seems great to enjoy the open environment at your roof area. Modern Deck Ideas 16

This is another exceptional designing of wood deck plan that is renovated with the wooden wall on two sides, a stylish dining set and also with lots of natural beauty in the form of fresh plants and trees. Here the incorporated lights are complementing this deck plan beyond any limitations.
Modern Deck Ideas 17



Modern Deck Ideas 18


Modern Deck Ideas 19

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 Outdoor living areas greatly increase the beauty of our property and make them good enough to arrange different gatherings and to perform various activities there. This stylish wooden decking with clear wooden lines is providing a sense of peace and tranquility. The luxurious looking seating furniture products and the artistic use of blue color with a touch of white looks giving pleasure to aesthetic senses. This modern deck plan is completed with the help of a flexible and easily foldable fiber shade in white, that can be easily open and close as according to the requirements. This deck design is successfully creating a seemless and attractive outdoor environment at your place.
Modern Deck Ideas 20



The fascinating thing is wooden deck designing is that it can be easily blendable with so many other materials. In this modern deck project, the deck is butted up against the stylish furniture items, wooden planters and built-in benches with fresh green plants simply allow the user to enjoy the natural beauty as much as he desires.
Modern Deck Ideas 21

Here we have an amazing modern deck idea for you. This outdoor deck is designed with stylish stayers, built-in planter boxes and seems so attractive to make a part of your outdoor entrance area without waiting for anything else. The fence is designed to provide you maximum comfort and feeling of privacy at your place.
Modern Deck Ideas 22

These days outdoor deck designs have become a great way of house outdoor ornamentation. This modern deck is also planned for this. This outdoor is renovated with the stylish wooden sofa structure, wooden vertical planters and semi-covered shade with an attached trellis appear great with a combination of shade and light in this open atmosphere.
Modern Deck Ideas 23

Whenever we planned to design a raised modern deck, the one of the important consideration is the selecting of a location with a great view.  This outdoor modern deck designing is also done to provide you a comfortable, relaxed and breath-taking view of natural beauty all around you.
Modern Deck Ideas 24


Let’s check out this modern deck project that appears so attractive that anyone will fall in love with the beauty of this place.  The stylish pergola, properly cut and balanced grass, stunning lightning, and a pathway-like wooden deck construction is turning the entire atmosphere of the place to breathe.
Modern Deck Ideas 25

Here we have a simple yet an elegant beautiful decking design for the decoration of your outdoors in an appealing way. This small but uniquely designed rustic wooden deck constructed with three large stayers that are also acting as a best to place to set by placing some comfortable cushions on it. Modern Deck Ideas 26

Here the modern decking is done to add privacy to your outdoor place. This wooden deck with raised fence seems great to arrange your gatherings and special dinner arrangements in your own royal looking outdoor place. You can also add some attractive decorations items on the deck to enhance the first outlook impression of your home sweet home.
Modern Deck Ideas 27

This complementing modern deck designing at the shore of the sea with modern sunbath and relaxing furniture items looks glamorous for the renovation of the houses near to the sea. The eye-catching outlook effect of the plan is simply adding much attractiveness and charm in the place.
Modern Deck Ideas 28


If you are looking for a luxurious modern deck plan then this clear lined wooden deck with lots of natural beauty around it and artificial lights giving this outdoors an admirable presentation. The marble made fire pit is designed to make your outdoor cool and cozy for you at the same time.
Modern Deck Ideas 29

This image will make you introduce a fascinating modern deck idea that is simply comprised of various beautiful elements in it. This time, the deck floor is made up of marble material, have an attached wooden couch structure and a uniquely designed shade of fabric to make your outdoor comfortable enough for your relaxing time.
Modern Deck Ideas 30

Here the great modern decking design is presented to you. This two-level deck with wooden benches and a stunning shade structure and dining set seems eye-catching and attractive for the first sight. This design is specially presented to transform your dull outdoor places.
Modern Deck Ideas 31

Wow, have an eye on this awesome two-level deck that is slightly giving an impression of a farmhouse outdoor as shown in the picture given below. The further remodeling of the outdoor is done with fresh green grass, planter pieces and also with a modern looking furniture set under the fabric umbrella shade.


Modern Deck Ideas 32

Here we have a  thought-provoking idea of modern decking for your outdoor areas. This wooden deck with stayers, planter boxes, attached wooden benches looks perfect for the beautification of your entrance in an appealing way. While the wooden fence is designed to provide you a feeling of privacy in your own open space.
Modern Deck Ideas 33

This modern deck idea is attractive and just meant to turn the unbalance outdoor space into balanced and useful. This outdoor deck is crafted with the hard wooden material and the settlement of wood in the horizontal and vertical pattern for the completion of this plan is giving an impact of modernism as well as natural sophisticated pleasure in it. Modern Deck Ideas 34

This is small yet an elegant modern deck idea for the adornment of your outdoor. This two-level rustic deck with incorporated beautiful lights and stylish furniture set and fresh plants appears stunning to arrange your family gatherings there.


Modern Deck Ideas 35

This is another wonderful description of the wooden made modern outdoor deck that seems perfect for the placement of the wooden furniture items, and fresh green pots and greenery all around. Have a look at this stunning plan.
Modern Deck Ideas 36

This is an awesome and beautiful wooden outdoor deck design that is simple and rustic in nature. This seems bit usual and delightful project for the ornamentation of your roof-top area. You can easily design out this project for to transform your ordinary outdoor into something exceptional.
Modern Deck Ideas 37

This is so versatile and attractive modern decking plan. This wooden deck with a touch of different light and dark colors seems great in this place. This outdoor deck idea moves from the house outward to make a private retreat for the residents and providing them such a fascinating and breathtaking place on their own property.
Modern Deck Ideas 38



Modern Deck Ideas 39


Modern Deck Ideas 40


Modern Deck Ideas 41


Modern Deck Ideas 42


Modern Deck Ideas 43

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