Creative Gazebo Ideas And Plans


Whether you are having a beautiful pond outside your home or in your garden you would always love to sit there in your free time. It will be the eye catching place for your guests too. But the only problem is to make a sitting arrangement near these types of things which is somehow hard. But little creativity can turn it into the beautiful and attractive thing according to which you have to design a small gazebo out in front of your swimming pool or pond. First of all you need to make a round wooden two deck floor near your swimming pool or pond on which you have to place six iron pillars in hexagonal shape.

Creative Gazebo Ideas And Plans

For making the roof you need to join the iron rods in a manner to form hexagonal shape roof frame which you have to attach on the top of the pillars you made. After all this you need to cover up your gazebo roof with fabric and place curtains on each side of your gazebo which you can bind with the pillars if you don’t want to cover it.

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You can put sofas, couches with table and rocking or relaxing chairs inside your gazebo for your guests. You can decorate your table by putting vase full of flowers on it. You can hang glass lamps or lanterns inside your gazebo for lighting it up and can put post lamps out of it in each corner. You can place pots full of flowers with each of the pillar.

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